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Moarphs: In and Out

2010-02-20 18:35:21 by Magical-Arts

Moarphs: In and Out

The collab is finally here, check it out :)

Explosm - New Illwillpress?

2010-02-19 18:35:05 by Magical-Arts

As some of you might have noticed Explosm have submited one 'Cyanide and Happiness' short once a week for the past six weeks, and it would seem like they plan to continue with weekly shorts aswell. The past five weeks they have grabbed 3/5 weekly 1st, one weekly 2nd and one weekly 4th.

This is of course great and I'm sure alot of people enjoy the shorts (me included I might add). BUT I'm afraid that if they continue this trend their shorts will be over looked or people will become annoyed at them and consider them spam. This would be bad for both the NG users and Explosm.

In my opinion Explosm would gain alot from keeping their shorter jokes to the comic strips and use the animated media to visualize some of their longer and more complex ideas, This would help them keep their animations anticipated and well recived.

Well that's my two sentences and I mean nothing bad against Explosm, I realy enjoy their content, however I think they might be heading in the wrong direction that's all.

Peace Out
/Mathias J


2010-01-19 11:08:01 by Magical-Arts

Hey guys,

just tought I'd recommend the Morphin' Time Collab! It's quite swell so join in :) hope to see your contribution next to mine !

Peace out!