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Entry #3

Moarphs: In and Out

2010-02-20 18:35:21 by Magical-Arts

Moarphs: In and Out

The collab is finally here, check it out :)


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2010-02-21 05:01:06

1 question, and 1 statement.

question: how do you change the link so it says what you want it to say rather than the link's web address?

Statement: you have the same last name as my x-girlfriend. (though not important).

oh and by the way... I tired to watch the animation "morphs: in and out", but it doesn't work for some reason. I waited for 10 minutes and all I got was this wiggly bar. (was that the loading bar? maybe I'm too impatient)
even though I don't know how good it is, nice work on the award - and the largest collab. i've ever seen!

Magical-Arts responds:

Answer: Well when you make a post there is a link button, click it and then you get a pop-up, first enter the URL and then what you want it to say in the link.

Answer to statement: so her name was Mathias? xD it's the scandinavian version of matthew so... yeah xD


2010-02-22 04:18:52

(response to previous comment)

Ohh, thanks for the link thing, I should try it!
and no her name isn't Mathias, although it does start with an "M" - I don't know why I am talking about her anyway... it hurts.
...Yeah :)